Laser Skin Treatments in CT

Laser Skin Treatments

LASER SKIN TIGHTENING: No more sagging skin! Our laser skin tightening is a safe and effective way to regain a youthful appearance without any downtime. We utilize the latest in laser technology that combines energies to stimulate collagen production which improves skin quality with almost immediate results.

LASER SKIN PIGMENTATION CORRECTION: Bring out the natural beauty of your skin with our laser skin pigmentation treatment! Designed to help in reducing areas of pigmentation in your skin such as age spots, freckles, pigmented lesions so you can say hello to a more beautiful complexion.

LASER SKIN RESURFACING: Worried about wrinkles, scars or other blemishes marring your skin? The PureSkin laser skin resurfacing treatment is what you need to significantly improve your skin's appearance.

My skin story starts with a happy beginning. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Everything was going blessedly until I started experiencing adult acne . . . I had tried everything under the sun with very little change to my complexion. Some products burned my skin so horribly that it peeled and became rough with very little sensation to it . . . After reading your catalog I became excited about your business practices and principles and decided to take home a Revitalizing Face Care Kit. And I'm so glad I did! My complexion has made such a tremendous recovery.*

Mindy Z, Suffered from skin irritations (*results vary from person to person)
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