Skin Care Tips Winter

Anyone who has spent a winter in Connecticut knows how brutally cold and miserable it can be. From heavy snow and blustery arctic chills, the conditions are anything but ideal for your skin. These months can be dangerous and may dry your skin out enough to leave your face and body itchy and red. However, there are remedies for dealing with the harsh winter cold.

At PureSkin we want you to enjoy winter and look your radiant best so we offer some tips that will help you reduce the chances of dry skin.

Moisturize: If there is one word you need to remember in winter it is MOISTURIZE. When you leave the wind-whipping cold of the outside and go into the dry heat of a home or office it dries out the skin.
This is what causes the protective barrier to crack and then your hands, face and other parts of your body susceptible to raw, dry skin. The best way to fight dry skin in the winter is to moisturize your skin as often as possible.

Warm, Not Hot: Because it is so cold outside we are all tempted to take long hot showers and baths. Unfortunately this can dry your skin fast and leave you feeling itchy and flaky. Try to take showers or baths with water that is warm but not steaming hot and limit the time you are in the tub. When drying off use a soft towel and pat yourself dry, don't rub, and apply moisturizer right away.

Hand Sanitizer: We all want to be germ-free, especially in the winter, but washing your hands repeatedly will easily dry out the skin on your hands. A better alternative is to stock up on alcohol-free hand sanitizers. If you are going to be combining with a moisturizer it is recommended that you apply the hand sanitizer first and then apply moisturizer.

Winter does present hazards for the skin but if you prepare the right way you can still enjoy silky smooth skin, even in the middle of January. Feel free to contact us if you have questions by calling PureSkin at 860-426-9684

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