Featuring the latest in laser technology, our elōs Plus laser allows us to bring a variety of effective laser treatments to you with astonishing results!

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A Night ofBeauty

Spend the night getting papmered with your closest friends

  • Unwanted Hair

  • Wrinkles

  • Volume Loss

  • Muscle Aches

  • Pigmentation Scars

  • Redness

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  • A Night of Beauty

    Purely gorgeous. It's you, only better! Have you been working a little too hard and it shows on your skin? Frown lines around your mouth or that pesky wrinkle troubling you between your brows? Treat yourself and your friends to Pure Skin's signature Night of Beauty.

  • Highlights

    Try our Infrared Sauna! Benefits include: detoxification, improved circulation, skin purification, and relaxation. The perfect add-on to almost any treatment or membership!

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I just received a customized massage from Pure Skin. The therapist did a thorough consultation which made me leaving feeling stretched and relaxed. There is nothing close to this treatment in Connecticut.

Judy B

I have been to other places before for laser hair removal and the results were less than impressive. After just the first treatment I saw great results. This just proves that PureSkin has the latest technology on the market. Did I mention it was pain free?

Brittney W

Love PureSkin! You can even arrange a "Botox Party". The results are great (but don't tell anyone I am getting Botox!)

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