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  • Unwanted Hair

  • Wrinkles

  • Volume Loss

  • Muscle Aches

  • Pigmentation Scars

  • Redness

  • Cool Sculpting


  • Hair Restoration

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    Purely gorgeous. We carry and use high-quality brand-name products in the services we provide to you.

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    Try our Infrared Sauna! Benefits include: detoxification, improved circulation, skin purification, and relaxation. The perfect add-on to almost any treatment or membership. Experience the medical spa difference!

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I just received a customized massage from Pure Skin. The therapist did a thorough consultation which made me leaving feeling stretched and relaxed. There is nothing close to this treatment in Connecticut.*

Judy B (*results vary from person to person)

I have been to other places before for laser hair removal and the results were less than impressive. After just the first treatment I saw great results. This just proves that PureSkin has the latest technology on the market. Did I mention it was pain free?*

Brittney W (*results vary from person to person)

Love PureSkin! You can even arrange a "Botox Party". The results are great (but don't tell anyone I am getting Botox!)*

L.P. (*results vary from person to person)
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